Where Has Meghan Been?

I know, I know… It’s been forever… Don’t get me wrong, I thought about my blog often and always – constantly saying to myself, “I should blog about that”, but never getting to it. Furthermore, I got to a point where I would ponder for hours about what my first post would be after this long sabbatical. Do I apologize? Would anyone care? Do I blame the economy or a new job or just the nature of social media as a trend for participation? There have been so many of these conversations in my head and the answer is this: I was busy.

  • Yes – I DO apologize for those who subscribe to my feed because my occasional witty posts and thought-through analysis of society and social media’s impact on it are missed opportunities to have had my voice heard and quite frankly, my SEO improved…
  • Yes – I DO think people would care because of the aforementioned!
  • Yes – I blame the economy… I definitely was laid off from my position at GolinHarris. Don’t cry for me yet or play me that violin though- it worked in my favor as I was interviewing in California weeks previously with the intention of moving back to the Bay Area late July. I may actually be the only person who says that getting laid off was the best thing to happen to me in 2009. But, I didn’t have a lot of time to ponder, analyze and remain consistent to my audience on this blog. That said, it fell by the wayside.
  • And finally – hell YES do I believe it is the nature of social media and our generation to follow blogs, viral videos, twitter and other social media engines like a trend: cool one minute, bored and “over it” the next. It’s hard to remain consistent because it’s impossible to remain engaged and stimulated. I actually fear that some vaccine our parents all took in the 60’s may have left my generation with a slight or major case of ADD. It’s become a blessing and a curse as we are the best at multitasking… but ask us to focus on one thing for a long period of time and you will find us squirming and refusing to complete the task at hand. As with my blog falling temporarily into the abyss, so did Twitter. I almost actually synched my Twitter to my Facebook account (THE AUDACITY!)… but alas – I use them for separate intentions and could not allow my Twitter feed to change course to my personal life.

So what have I been doing?!!?

Since I last blogged:

Moved to California – ahhhh San Fran – nothing better…

Got a new, fantastic job with a medical start-up as Manager of Marketing and Business Development – handling all market research, advertising, media outreach, community outreach, donations, radio and endorsement deals, corporate sales (for integrating the program into current wellness programs), and more. It’s a BEAST of a job but I don’t think I’ve ever learned so much in such a short time. I also don’t know a lot of people my age who are being exposed to this type of experience. It’s completely expanded my skill set. We are in the works of bringing on a marketing firm as well which will allow me more time to work on other projects as well as provide me with the experience of being an in-house point of contact with a firm. I’m looking forward being in this role with the tables turned! Haha.

Reconnected with fabulous friends of the past

Lost a significant amount of weight after both working out, eating healthy and living the program I promote. It has changed my life which is why I love what I do. I know the impact that weight loss can have for someone and the overall quality of life that goes up

Broke my leg (tib/fib fracture) in a freak co-ed soccer accident!!! This wasn’t a “highlight” of my year but I’ve been working through it. I try to do physical therapy and I’m learning to move more with it. Titanium rod and four screws later (permanent) – I want to get back to running but it isn’t looking like that is in my nearest future!! Oops.


So all in all – I’ve been busy… but all of those moments where I had wished I blogged or thought to myself that it would make a great piece to analyze and post – to those moments – I will make a vow to try harder to post. Call it a New Years Resolution or something – but I’ll put more effort into this because I still truly love social media and appreciate the influence it has had on me and all societies in all fields. It has literally revolutionized the way we communicate. And, whether you choose to participate or not, you are always participating because social media has seeped into all aspects of news, politics and government, social interactions, LIFE, etc… it’s impossible to avoid.

Oh…. there I go again… better stop myself… but STAY TUNED! ūüôā


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Citizen Journalists Shouldn’t Surprise A Company

Dave Carroll and His Guitar

Dave Carroll is just one more case of citizen journalists taking to the social media sphere to share injustices and be heard when companies lack the customer service necessary to resolve problems.

Dave Carroll is a Canadian musician in the band,¬†the Sons of Maxwell. In¬†2008 while connecting through O’Hare on a United flight from Halifax, Nova Scotia to¬†a gig in Nebraska, he saw out the window his guitar being thrown amongst the ground crew while they were unloading the plane.¬†He spoke with employees of the airline but no one had an answer for him. This was his experience:

On March 31, 2008 Sons of Maxwell began our week-long-tour of Nebraska by flying United Airlines from Halifax to Omaha, by way of Chicago. On that first leg of the flight were seated at the rear of the aircraft and upon landing and waiting to deplane in order to make our connection a woman sitting behind me, not aware that we were musicians cried out: “My God, they’re throwing guitars out there.”¬† Our bass player Mike looked out the window in time to see his bass being heaved without regard by the United baggage handlers. My $3500 710 Taylor had been thrown before his.

I immediately tried to communicate this to the flight attendant who cut me off saying: “Don’t talk to me. Talk to the lead agent outside”. I found the person she pointed to and that lady was an “acting” lead agent but refused to talk to me and disappeared into the crowd saying “I’m not the lead agent”. I spoke to a third employee at the gate and when I told her the baggage handlers were throwing expensive instruments outside she dismissed me saying “but hun, that’s why we make you sign the waiver”. I explained that I didn’t sign a waiver and that no waiver would excuse what was happening outside. She said to take it up with the ground crew in Omaha.”

Carroll Takes Action

Well better than taking it up with Omaha, Carroll took it up with the people of the world.¬†He¬†took his band’s music and¬†the¬†situation they were in and complained using what, should be soon, a series of videos that spoke of the guitar-breaking experience he had.

Since the first of a few videos posted on July 6, the view count continues to rise from its current count of over 3 million! From this blogpost, to many other placements in top publications, broadcast news and Twitter a-buzz with the stories and video-sharing, this band has DEFINITELY received its share of PR and publicity. 

They’ve also revamped their website with their story and their video posted. Soak it up boys!


According to a report by the Chicago Sun Times, the airline, headquartered in Chicago, is saying it’s learned its lesson, thanks in no small part to Dave Carroll and his video tale of travel woe. So much so, in fact, that they want him to let them use his work as an in-house training guide for their customer service employees on how not to handle a “my bad” situation.

The Chicago Tribune reports: 

Rob Bradford, managing director of customer solutions at United, called Carroll Wednesday to apologize for the foul-up and to ask if the carrier could use the video internally to help change its culture. 

“It could be used to improve the way passengers are treated around the world,” Carroll said.

Carroll has also posted a “statement” based on the popularity of the video and his discussions with United. United has offered him compensation and he’s offering it to a charity of their choice (because he doesn’t want compensation – he wants FAME)… this is starting to sound like he’s abusing the power. Just my opinion. You have to give United a little break here, Carroll. They are trying.

Effect on PR/Consultants and My Recommendations

Won’t be too bad for his band’s visibility either, huh? Well Carroll’s case was just one example of citizen journalists using their voice on the web to get through the corporate runaround we sometimes get from customer service. But why is this important to us as PR professionals and consultants? This is a clear case of crisis PR but MORE than that, there are two lessons from this example.

First of all, this should not have happened in the first place. Every agent, every employee, every person in a company should be aware of a consumer’s VOICE on the internet and the power it may have. In this case, you should automatically assume they will blog about their experience, good or bad. Usually the bad gets more press than the good, but the good and the bad are all measureables that United or whichever company can be using to change their processes, change their consumer experience and change their overall presence as a product, service, etc. That doesn’t mean do whatever the customer says or you’ll get in trouble. But, it does mean that approaches to complaints and customer experiences can be handled better. My recommendation would be to assign one customer service rep to a customer. If that customer rep doesn’t have an answer for that customer, let the customer service rep do the back-end work to resolve the issue without handing them off to another person who may not fully understand the situation. There is nothing worse than an angry customer who does NOT want to tell you the story AGAIN for the 10th time.

Second of all, from a PR perspective, if you are a business in this situation, you must act fast. United must have some sort of monitoring service covering this issue. If I was United, the minute that video was posted, we would have been acting quickly to resolve the issue. It is mid-July and the video is still being discussed. Although I applaud the effort of United to request the band’s video for training their employees, another creative method would have been a video with United employees apologizing for the way his complaint and guitar was handled. I’m imagining the ground crew and the airline staff in a sing-song that is both fun, funny and apologetic. This would only turn bad PR into positive PR showing that they recognize the creativity Carroll has as well as their social media savvy business model.

Here’s a great post on the impact of monitoring and calls to action for businesses:


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Social Media: It’s Impact on Celebrities & the Way We Gather News

There are two anomalies happening in the realm of celebrities and social media. For this post, I examine the “Fact vs. Fiction” in reporting celebrity deaths/news¬†and “The #RIPMJ Phenomenon”.

Fact vs. Fiction

It’s hard to tell these days what’s fact versus fiction. Centuries ago we depended on WOM to spread news… then came newspapers, then the 6 o’clock news and now social media. The problem with WOM was just like¬†the game of telephone: stories skewed and the truth got lost by the third person. Newspapers and television stations had owners who wanted “certain” news spread over others and audiences began to feel¬† “filtered”. But, social media offered us a way to get the news¬†straight from the horse’s mouth (or at least a first-hand account).

chinese whispers

More recently, Twitter has¬†been serving as our source of news.¬†In Iran, social media has been¬†our only way to know what was happening (see here for article from¬†the Washington Post re: State Dept asking Twitter to not shut down for maintenance due to it’s influence in Iran) while journalists were kept out.¬†Citizen journalists took to the streets and we were given videos and Tweets that made us feel like part of the action. Twitter was a trusted and powerful news source.

But, with power comes sometimes (most always) abuse of power. And just like most of America has put their thoughts on Iran to the side to pick-up the juicy gossip of celebrity deaths, I too, will make Iran my side dish to this entree. 

So let’s run down what is true and what is false in regards to celebrity gossip on Twitter:

Who DID pass away?
– Michael Jackson, RIP
– Farrah Fawcett, RIP
– Billy Mays, RIP
– Fred Travalena, RIP
– Ed McMahon, RIP

Who did NOT pass away?
– Miley Cyrus
– Rick Astley
– Jeff Goldblum
– Ellen DeGeneres
– Britney Spears
– Harrison Ford

This is a concerning trend. And social media didn’t just impact other Tweeters like you and me, it impacted news bureaus. Suddenly television stations were being “duped” left and right because they¬†trusted¬†what was being Tweeted to the World from unverified Joe Shmoes.¬†I mean, from plane crashes to Iran – Twitter had a history of being an honest source of news – for the most part. It’s a shame that celebrities are having to do media tours to prove they are alive and breathing!

(see here for a hilarious video from The Colbert Report where Jeff Goldblum has to argue indeed he is NOT dead)

So what does this mean for the evolution of social media as¬†our source for news – a source for PR pros like myself who depend on blogs, videos, podcasts, Twitter, Facebook, etc to offer audiences honest information about people, products and services? Well I can tell you it’s not good.

For starters, in order to redeem Twitter’s credibility,¬†we will need a¬†global movement. Once again, just like in the game of telephone, you eventually hear the truth when the source is able to tell the last person in line how badly they received the message. But, it’s every step in-between that is an integral part of sending along the message. It’s not the person on the end who is to blame; it’s a fraction of everyone in line.

So – can I point a finger at someone? Well, it’s the first person – who may not have spoken clearly¬†or concisely. It’s the second who may have jumbled up one or two words. It’s the third for passing along a message from a second-party that may or may not have been 100% accurate. (and so on and so forth).

Now I’m not calling for a stop on all media sharing or RTs or whatever your mode of communication may be… in short, though,¬†journalists have become lazy. Yeah, I said it. But I mean news journalists as well as citizen journalists. You, me, Barbara, Matt, etc. We all carry this bond of laziness.¬†


So what now? ¬†I read Twitter and Mashable every day – more than I read CNN or my local paper… why? Because the language, the style and the source is more like me and therefore I enjoy reading it more than a stuffy news site. BUT – before I Tweet, Retweet, Email, Call, Text, Podcast, Blog, IM, YouTube, and SCREAM the news from my rooftop – I vow to¬†trace at least two steps back. I may not be the third person in line of our telephone game but if we all took a few seconds to trace our news two steps back – we may find the truth in the news once again.¬†I personally hope that my contributing to sharing news isn’t creating a massively miscommunicated jumble of jargon that leaves questions unanswered.


For further views on the recent impact of social media on celebrities feel free to check out the following sites:
Is Rick Astley Dead? Internet Hoaxes Have Fans Wondering, ABC News
Miley Cyrus Death Latest False Celebrity Death Rumor, AC

The #RIPMJ Phenomenon

Pete Cashmore wrote a great article on Mashable a few days back about Michael Jackson’s death and its influence on Twitter. I think it deserves its own category for phenomenal impact on a social media engine to date. He states:

Previously, we might have learned of a pop star‚Äôs passing via TV, or a friend or coworker: now knowledge is immediate, and mourning has become more public than private: a collective expression of loss. According to the Twitter tracking tool Twist (incidentally, Twitter appears to be straining under the weight of the tributes to the star), 22.61% of Tweets currently contain the phrase “Michael Jackson”.¬†‚ÄúMJ‚ÄĚ, meanwhile, accounts for 9% of Tweets right now. More than 25% contain the name ‚ÄúMichael‚ÄĚ. In total, at least 30% of Tweets are remarking upon the star‚Äôs tragic passing, and that‚Äôs likely an underestimate.

And thank you to TechCrunch who offer this trending topics pic from Twitter showing MJ’s influence:

MJ trending topics

Michael Jackson’s death spread like wildfire and the world was affected. Blogs popped up specifically dedicated to his memory. It was a media frenzy. I wanted to include this information to show the IMPACT that social media has on how we not only RECEIVE news but how we RESPOND to news.

I leave you with a few more statistics on MJ’s death (thank you CleanCutMedia):

  • Web Usage: Jumped to 4.2 million global visitors per MINUTE. Normal is around 2 million.
  • Web Search: More than 50% of top 100 searches were related to Michael Jackson
  • Mobile Search: Saw the largest spike ever with 5 of 20 searches being about Michael Jackson
  • Yahoo: Single day record of 16.4 million visitors
  • CNN: Significantly slowed as they saw 20 million page views and saw traffic jump 5x normal levels within the first hour after the news broke.
  • AIM: Went down for 40 minutes
  • iTunes: 8 of the top 10 selling albums for download were from Michael Jackson, 8 of the top 10 music videos were also Michael Jackson related. 5 of the top 10 songs.
  • Amazon: 10 of the top 25 albums for download were Michael Jackson.
  • Amazon: For all CD sales, Jackson held 17 of the top 20 spots including all top 10 slots.
  • Youtube: ‚ÄúThriller Video‚ÄĚ currently has 43.5 million views and 185,000 comments.
  • Youtube: Fans are uploading videos in droves in memory of Michael Jackson
  • Twitter: 5,000 tweets per minute
  • Twitter: 23% of all tweets dedicated to the star.
  • Twitter: 9 out of 10 popular topics were about Michael Jackson.
  • Twitter: Celebrities expresses sorrows while followed by millions on Twitter.
  • Facebook: Groups formed to organize vigils and celebration of Jackson
  • Domains: Nearly 4,000 domain names related to Michael Jackson registered on Go Daddy within the first day

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Twitter Lied for 60 Minutes Today

Twitter lied to me today. They claimed maintenance would be happening tomorrow at 1 pm eastern and I just received THIS troubling image:



Well, it’s only an hour… I will survive… but you do get a #FAIL from me.

This does bring up an interesting point… Where will people turn? Already Twitter is over capacity from people going to the site to see if the news is true. Will they turn to Facebook for a hug and a status update? Probably. I guess Facebook will finally receive a little more attention from audiences for at least 60 minutes. I’d love to see the page view information over the next hour at Facebook… would be interesting stuff.

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Twitter Quitter, I Say Good Riddance

Stat tracking firm, Nielsen, released a report  today stating that more than 60 percent of Twitter users stopped using the free social networking site a month after joining.

“Twitter’s audience retention rate, or the percentage of a given month’s users who come back the following month, is currently about 40 percent,” David Martin, Nielsen Online’s vice president of primary research, said in a statement.

“For most of the past 12 months, pre-Oprah, Twitter has languished below 30 percent retention.”

People want to be on Twitter because it has become trendy, cool, everyone else is doing it, etc… but if you don’t know HOW to use Twitter – you end up looking like a fool. For example, you may not have a bio or have Tweeted yet¬†you expect people to follow you? No thanks… All of this hype over Twitter is flooding Twitter and slowing it down. I’m completely satisfied with the Nielsen study that people drop off – because I truly believe you should only be on it if you have a purpose and understand it fully.


When I speak to clients about engaging on Twitter, I first have to research to ensure their audience is even congregating in that space. The average Tweeter is 45-50. I think that statistic is drastically changing with the onslaught of hype over celebrities on the social engine, but I wouldn’t recommend a client engaging if their audience isn’t using the tool or because “everyone is doing it”.

I feel very passionate about my purpose on Twitter. I network, I collaborate, I learn and discover new things both in the world and in my field of PR/Social Media. Spam me on Facebook – fine… but all of you trendsters – either learn how to use it or find another mode of communication!

Here’s a funny video from last week’s Soup on E! that really grasps how out-of-hand and overly trendy Twitter has become… enjoy!

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Oprah Just Tweeted

For once (and probably only once in my life) – I was into something trendy before celebrities had a chance to pick-up on it <insert pat on my back>. From Ashton and Demi to Oprah and Larry – everyone’s doing it – talk about peer pressure.


I will admit though РI am one of the over 300,000 Oprah followers (I think I got in there within the first 30,000 so I feel a little cooler than 260,000 people). And so far Рso good.

I was imagining Oprah would immediately start plugging her show, magazine,¬†book club, philanthropies, tours and the million other things she owns or has power over… Instead, I’m refreshingly impressed by her Tweets.¬†

First of all, you can tell it’s her… I think it’s because of the initial Tweets that didn’t totally make sense or she¬†didn’t use “@” before replying¬†to someone. With all of the resources available to her,¬†you’d know if it wasn’t her because they would be carefully and strategically placed Tweets.


Next, I learned something new about her… I learned that today she could pull a show if she didn’t like the final cut.


Also, she donated… in a single Tweet… $200,000 in bed nets for¬†a¬†NPO helping Africans battle malaria. I was really impressed with that… And others followed.

If anything, her Tweets have shown me she’s human. I would place money down that her Tweets will evolve¬†quite a bit over the next few months but in the meantime, I enjoy reading them¬†and I think she’s embraced¬†Twitter well.

Good job Oprah! Follow Oprah here: http://twitter.com/oprah

Follow me here: http://twitter.com/meghanbeattie

More information on the NPO for bed nets (thanks to further promotion from Demi Moore Рhttp://twitter.com/mrskutcher) :  http://twitter.com/malarianomore


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What in the Wordle?

I was introduced last week to “Wordle” (I know, I’m SO behind the times). Wordle will take your RSS feed or a paragraph of text and create a tag cloud of the information. It’s great when showing your clients some of the keywords coming up with editors’ posts, great for re-thinking some of your own text when it comes to Twitter and your blog (for me it’s avoiding words like “Me”) and it’s fantastic when you’re trying to create a compelling document and need something visually stimulating.

Here is mine for my blog:


You can change the layout as well like this:


Twitter (note: I don’t think¬†my Twitter one is accurate – it’s really only picking¬†up recent Tweets- but oh well):


Give it a go! I’m a fan – http://www.wordle.net/

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Twitter Provides Add-Ons for $ But Remains Free

After rumors surfaced¬†around businesses being¬†“kicked off” Twitter for being too commercial, the question everyone asked was: “How can Twitter benefit from the rise of business and company Twitter profiles on Twitter using it as a¬†vessel to reach customers?”


Twitter recently confirmed that they will, indeed, offer “add-ons” to accounts as an option although remain free for all to use. Co-founder, Biz Stone (by the way, GREAT name), says:

Commercial entities like Whole Foods, Starbucks, Mission Pie, 52 Teas, JetBlue, even the Korean taco truck guy are all on Twitter‚ÄĒusers and businesses alike are finding value.

Our question is, how can we help? What can Twitter offer for a fee that will improve the experience? Will it be account verification? Will it be lightweight analytics? Will there be opportunities for introducing customers to businesses on Twitter.

So many questions. But the key is to understand that Twitter will remain free for all to use‚ÄĒindividuals and companies alike. We are thinking about simple business products that enhance and encourage what is already happening.

I know that once Twitter can provide some great analytics (or partner with someone like TwitterGrader¬†maybe?) – they’ll have great success and continue to grow as the dominant vessel they have become (in what feels like the last 3 months especially). In the PR field, specifically, this will be a huge advantage to our clients to measure the success of Twitter outside of how many “followers” you have and the level or quality of conversation occurring.

I think this will be successful although I will play devil’s advocate and remind Twitter that you made your success on being a “free” service for companies and businesses alike to use for PR purposes – and in this economy, you may face some companies¬†who are not willing¬†to shell out a few more bucks here nor there. But, I think you’ve picked good price points and depending on what your next moves are, I will most certainly incorporate the add-ons into my social media proposals.

Good job.

Thanks to Silicon Alley Insider for the quote!

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Prediction: LinkedIn the Next Twitter?

Black is the new pink, green is the new black, Facebook is the new email, Twitter is the new Facebook – but is LinkedIn the new Twitter?

@patrickRevans Tweeted asking what would be the next BIG thing in social media – and I think I have the answer. OK, this is just a prediction – maybe something will come out of nowhere (most likely).

LinkedIn has expanded beyond the realm of job hunters and seekers… It’s now a forum for networking and discussion – a place to share ideas and join groups with similar interests. I see it as the beginning of a merge between Facebook and Twitter. I created this chart to compare the features of each tool (without the need to add extra applications or use sources outside the site):

*This is just an example of some of the main features and is not a complete picture of the offerings

LinkedIn takes the multiple applications and file sharing capabilities of Facebook and combines with Twitter’s strength in networking. It might be too much to take it – but it’s manageable.¬†

Two sides to the argument:

I will admit that Twitter is popular because there isn’t an overload of additional applications or text overwhelming you when you log-in. Facebook is fun and communication is around much more lighthearted issues from my experience which is a nice break from the more “topic-oriented” conversations happening on Twitter. I see the strengths in each individual option.

It all comes down to WHAT you want when you log-in to your social media engine.

Personally, I¬†like seeing my news feed and networking is important to me. Participating in forums is therapeutic. I would use LinkedIn to quickly create discussion around topics I’m interested in, finding “connections” almost immediately interested in those same topics (much like Twitter) but then choose who participates… and – I’m not limited to characters. Haha.

LinkedIn isn’t there yet… But my prediction is out there – LinkedIn has a lot of potential if they clean up some of the options a bit and market it right. If it’s not going to replace Twitter or Facebook, I think it will grow in this space as a strong competitor over the next year.


Some neat features I didn’t know LinkedIn possessed until recently:

Status Updates (this can be synched with your Twitter feed):


Q&A: 140 characters say what? Not here!


 Auto-Blog Feed Application:


Share Your Presentation:


Groups and Associations:


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Social Media, the Oxymoron?

I’ve been thinking a lot about our/my dependence on technology. The other day, I couldn’t remember a phone number that 8 years ago I would have memorized because I used a landline – AND back then it MEANT something if someone “memorized” your number. It was a sign you were in love with someone, you were best friends or you cared. But besides maybe the 5 most important people in my life, I can’t remember numbers or dates.¬†


I think this carries into a lot of different aspects in life. My co-worker noted that she can only remember birthdays because they are on Facebook… pop-ups in Outlook¬†remind me¬†of a meeting in¬†15 minutes ->¬†5 minutes ->¬†1 minute overdue… Engagements and marriages are reflected in status changes… Twitter is a constant feed on what my friends are doing… I’M TOTALLY DEPENDENT.

But, here’s my argument: Is social media really social at all? I thought we called those nerds in parent’s basements playing World of Warcraft “anti-social” because they wouldn’t go play outside with their friends. Well, now I’m playing my own version of WoW called “Twitter” and “Facebook” and “Blogging”. What makes me more social than the guy in mom’s basement? Quite honestly, not a whole lot… He may play in a make-believe world but so do I in a way. I’m not interacting face-to-face and there are health benefits to that! Brad Hunter, Stanford student writes about the benefits in this short article (I liked it since it references a Sociologist – my other major and passion).


Adding another New Year’s resolution to the pile… 10 minutes a day I’m exercising my memory part of my brain through memory tests just to make sure I keep a healthy hippocampus.


**I know that there are social¬†benefits specifically to social media like feeling more connected to those that you wouldn’t normally talk to face-to-face and social media encourages communication and communication¬†paths that aren’t always an option in-person… But… I’m just¬†pointing out something that I’ve noticed and I’m recommending¬†everyone who can’t remember your ex-BF’s/GF’s number that you had ingrained in your¬†brain in high school –¬†may¬†need to exercise their hippocampus as well.¬†Hah.

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