Where Has Meghan Been?

I know, I know… It’s been forever… Don’t get me wrong, I thought about my blog often and always – constantly saying to myself, “I should blog about that”, but never getting to it. Furthermore, I got to a point where I would ponder for hours about what my first post would be after this long sabbatical. Do I apologize? Would anyone care? Do I blame the economy or a new job or just the nature of social media as a trend for participation? There have been so many of these conversations in my head and the answer is this: I was busy.

  • Yes – I DO apologize for those who subscribe to my feed because my occasional witty posts and thought-through analysis of society and social media’s impact on it are missed opportunities to have had my voice heard and quite frankly, my SEO improved…
  • Yes – I DO think people would care because of the aforementioned!
  • Yes – I blame the economy… I definitely was laid off from my position at GolinHarris. Don’t cry for me yet or play me that violin though- it worked in my favor as I was interviewing in California weeks previously with the intention of moving back to the Bay Area late July. I may actually be the only person who says that getting laid off was the best thing to happen to me in 2009. But, I didn’t have a lot of time to ponder, analyze and remain consistent to my audience on this blog. That said, it fell by the wayside.
  • And finally – hell YES do I believe it is the nature of social media and our generation to follow blogs, viral videos, twitter and other social media engines like a trend: cool one minute, bored and “over it” the next. It’s hard to remain consistent because it’s impossible to remain engaged and stimulated. I actually fear that some vaccine our parents all took in the 60’s may have left my generation with a slight or major case of ADD. It’s become a blessing and a curse as we are the best at multitasking… but ask us to focus on one thing for a long period of time and you will find us squirming and refusing to complete the task at hand. As with my blog falling temporarily into the abyss, so did Twitter. I almost actually synched my Twitter to my Facebook account (THE AUDACITY!)… but alas – I use them for separate intentions and could not allow my Twitter feed to change course to my personal life.

So what have I been doing?!!?

Since I last blogged:

Moved to California – ahhhh San Fran – nothing better…

Got a new, fantastic job with a medical start-up as Manager of Marketing and Business Development – handling all market research, advertising, media outreach, community outreach, donations, radio and endorsement deals, corporate sales (for integrating the program into current wellness programs), and more. It’s a BEAST of a job but I don’t think I’ve ever learned so much in such a short time. I also don’t know a lot of people my age who are being exposed to this type of experience. It’s completely expanded my skill set. We are in the works of bringing on a marketing firm as well which will allow me more time to work on other projects as well as provide me with the experience of being an in-house point of contact with a firm. I’m looking forward being in this role with the tables turned! Haha.

Reconnected with fabulous friends of the past

Lost a significant amount of weight after both working out, eating healthy and living the program I promote. It has changed my life which is why I love what I do. I know the impact that weight loss can have for someone and the overall quality of life that goes up

Broke my leg (tib/fib fracture) in a freak co-ed soccer accident!!! This wasn’t a “highlight” of my year but I’ve been working through it. I try to do physical therapy and I’m learning to move more with it. Titanium rod and four screws later (permanent) – I want to get back to running but it isn’t looking like that is in my nearest future!! Oops.


So all in all – I’ve been busy… but all of those moments where I had wished I blogged or thought to myself that it would make a great piece to analyze and post – to those moments – I will make a vow to try harder to post. Call it a New Years Resolution or something – but I’ll put more effort into this because I still truly love social media and appreciate the influence it has had on me and all societies in all fields. It has literally revolutionized the way we communicate. And, whether you choose to participate or not, you are always participating because social media has seeped into all aspects of news, politics and government, social interactions, LIFE, etc… it’s impossible to avoid.

Oh…. there I go again… better stop myself… but STAY TUNED! 🙂


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