I’m passionate about social media. During my time at GolinHarris, I focused on educating and building Facebook pages and Twitter sites for various clients in addition to being on some of the most exciting accounts. I created social media plans for clients to not only explain how… but WHY it’s important to be present in these spaces. I’ve been creating one-pagers on the various social media sites that exist since then. They serve as  tools for both the professional as well as the client.

I think there is really something behind exploring how social media is affecting the traditional role of Public Relations. No longer are PR people pitching newspaper editors; we’re pitching a newspaper editor, who also blogs and has an online column- who might be an editor at 6 different publications- who ALSO might hold a podcast weekly… It’s a tough change for both the PR and Journalism worlds but we’re all adapting. I’m happy that I’ve stayed at the forefront of the change in PR and saw it coming… Now it’s our job to make sure our clients realize this change as well.

I begin every day the same. I take 30 minutes to open Facebook and Twitter . I say good morning to the Facebook community and read through my wall of Twitter followers to see if there are questions to be answered, links to be shared or news to be read. Twitter is my cup of coffee, really.

I’ve now returned to the beautiful Bay Area to indulge in the world of social media and throw myself headfirst into the industries here that made Silicon Valley and San Francisco just what they are – home to powerhouses and innovators.  I graduated in 2007 from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas with a BA in Corporate Communications and Public Affairs as well as a BA in Sociology. I think they blend nicely! I’m happy to be home. Thanks for stopping by my blog. For questions, feel free to comment on my posts or email me at meghanbeattie01 [at] gmail.com


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