Oprah Just Tweeted

For once (and probably only once in my life) – I was into something trendy before celebrities had a chance to pick-up on it <insert pat on my back>. From Ashton and Demi to Oprah and Larry – everyone’s doing it – talk about peer pressure.


I will admit though – I am one of the over 300,000 Oprah followers (I think I got in there within the first 30,000 so I feel a little cooler than 260,000 people). And so far – so good.

I was imagining Oprah would immediately start plugging her show, magazine, book club, philanthropies, tours and the million other things she owns or has power over… Instead, I’m refreshingly impressed by her Tweets. 

First of all, you can tell it’s her… I think it’s because of the initial Tweets that didn’t totally make sense or she didn’t use “@” before replying to someone. With all of the resources available to her, you’d know if it wasn’t her because they would be carefully and strategically placed Tweets.


Next, I learned something new about her… I learned that today she could pull a show if she didn’t like the final cut.


Also, she donated… in a single Tweet… $200,000 in bed nets for a NPO helping Africans battle malaria. I was really impressed with that… And others followed.

If anything, her Tweets have shown me she’s human. I would place money down that her Tweets will evolve quite a bit over the next few months but in the meantime, I enjoy reading them and I think she’s embraced Twitter well.

Good job Oprah! Follow Oprah here: http://twitter.com/oprah

Follow me here: http://twitter.com/meghanbeattie

More information on the NPO for bed nets (thanks to further promotion from Demi Moore – http://twitter.com/mrskutcher) :  http://twitter.com/malarianomore



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