Twitter Provides Add-Ons for $ But Remains Free

After rumors surfaced around businesses being “kicked off” Twitter for being too commercial, the question everyone asked was: “How can Twitter benefit from the rise of business and company Twitter profiles on Twitter using it as a vessel to reach customers?”


Twitter recently confirmed that they will, indeed, offer “add-ons” to accounts as an option although remain free for all to use. Co-founder, Biz Stone (by the way, GREAT name), says:

Commercial entities like Whole Foods, Starbucks, Mission Pie, 52 Teas, JetBlue, even the Korean taco truck guy are all on Twitter—users and businesses alike are finding value.

Our question is, how can we help? What can Twitter offer for a fee that will improve the experience? Will it be account verification? Will it be lightweight analytics? Will there be opportunities for introducing customers to businesses on Twitter.

So many questions. But the key is to understand that Twitter will remain free for all to use—individuals and companies alike. We are thinking about simple business products that enhance and encourage what is already happening.

I know that once Twitter can provide some great analytics (or partner with someone like TwitterGrader maybe?) – they’ll have great success and continue to grow as the dominant vessel they have become (in what feels like the last 3 months especially). In the PR field, specifically, this will be a huge advantage to our clients to measure the success of Twitter outside of how many “followers” you have and the level or quality of conversation occurring.

I think this will be successful although I will play devil’s advocate and remind Twitter that you made your success on being a “free” service for companies and businesses alike to use for PR purposes – and in this economy, you may face some companies who are not willing to shell out a few more bucks here nor there. But, I think you’ve picked good price points and depending on what your next moves are, I will most certainly incorporate the add-ons into my social media proposals.

Good job.

Thanks to Silicon Alley Insider for the quote!


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