Prediction: LinkedIn the Next Twitter?

Black is the new pink, green is the new black, Facebook is the new email, Twitter is the new Facebook – but is LinkedIn the new Twitter?

@patrickRevans Tweeted asking what would be the next BIG thing in social media – and I think I have the answer. OK, this is just a prediction – maybe something will come out of nowhere (most likely).

LinkedIn has expanded beyond the realm of job hunters and seekers… It’s now a forum for networking and discussion – a place to share ideas and join groups with similar interests. I see it as the beginning of a merge between Facebook and Twitter. I created this chart to compare the features of each tool (without the need to add extra applications or use sources outside the site):

*This is just an example of some of the main features and is not a complete picture of the offerings

LinkedIn takes the multiple applications and file sharing capabilities of Facebook and combines with Twitter’s strength in networking. It might be too much to take it – but it’s manageable. 

Two sides to the argument:

I will admit that Twitter is popular because there isn’t an overload of additional applications or text overwhelming you when you log-in. Facebook is fun and communication is around much more lighthearted issues from my experience which is a nice break from the more “topic-oriented” conversations happening on Twitter. I see the strengths in each individual option.

It all comes down to WHAT you want when you log-in to your social media engine.

Personally, I like seeing my news feed and networking is important to me. Participating in forums is therapeutic. I would use LinkedIn to quickly create discussion around topics I’m interested in, finding “connections” almost immediately interested in those same topics (much like Twitter) but then choose who participates… and – I’m not limited to characters. Haha.

LinkedIn isn’t there yet… But my prediction is out there – LinkedIn has a lot of potential if they clean up some of the options a bit and market it right. If it’s not going to replace Twitter or Facebook, I think it will grow in this space as a strong competitor over the next year.


Some neat features I didn’t know LinkedIn possessed until recently:

Status Updates (this can be synched with your Twitter feed):


Q&A: 140 characters say what? Not here!


 Auto-Blog Feed Application:


Share Your Presentation:


Groups and Associations:



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  1. johnmaurer replied:

    I once compared a book I was reading to “Catcher in the Rye” and “On the Road” while speaking with a HS English teacher a few years after graduating. His response: Does it matter whether a good book compares to another? The point being, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are the best in their own right and each satisfy a different niche in the social networking sphere. LinkedIn is for professionals, Facebook is for everyone and has heaps of apps, Twitter is for everyone sans Zombie Killer. Social media is too dynamic to claim a winner between 3 plus year old programs. The truth is, it’s likely we won’t be talking about either of them five years from now.

  2. meghanbeattie replied:

    That’s a great point John… I heard a statistic that what college freshman learn today in the classroom will be outdated by the time they graduate. All things will evolve. I guess my point was that we’re always searching for what’s next… but I completely agree with your audience breakdown for each outlet. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Patrick Evans replied:

    My problem with LinkedIn is that I use everything for everything. I converse with friends, coworkers and whoever else on Twitter and Facebook. To me, LinkedIn is too buttoned down. There are a lot of rules and they make me pay to get introductions to new people outside of my network. That right there makes LinkedIn anti-social.

  4. meghanbeattie replied:

    Sure – I agree – I still think that it has potential to evolve and grow into something less anti-social… That OR you’re right and it will stay buttoned-down because its purpose is networking for professionals… Thanks Patrick – we will see how this debate continues!! 🙂

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