My Mom is Stealing My Facebook Friends!

My mom and I haven’t always seen eye-to-eye. From my early days growing up in Canada where I snuck a quarter out of her purse for a gumball to high school where it seemed like we couldn’t agree on ANYTHING – butting heads was common. Then, as I grew up and “matured” (ok, I admit, I wasn’t an EASY child!), we started to notice that there is a good chance we butt heads because we’re too similar. You can’t put two very opinionated, creative (did I mention gorgeous?) talkers in one room and not expect the roof to fly off! 🙂

Because of our similarities and my enthusiasm with social media in the past 2+ years, Barb has also developed a similar enthusiasm. Starting with her own blog for her book club and moving to a Facebook page – she picked up quickly on the how-to’s of social media. She even held her own “Facebook for Mom’s” during her book club meeting (so proud)! And… I appreciate our conversations on generational differences between communicating and a great topic: privacy on Facebook. It has been educational for both of us to share our experiences in this space.

But… recently, Barb has been “friending” my co-workers and practically anyone I talk about — not that there is anything wrong with that… BUT, I did hear that she’s also “poking” and writing direct messages to my friends about me! Tisk, tisk Barb.

What did I tell you about social media?? TRANSPARENCY… and I see all….

Here’s a funny website about parents who are on Facebook… It’s a good one – I might be submitting Barb for it.

WATCH OUT MOM! Love you. And Happy Birthday – btw – a good indication of your saturation on Facebook is how many birthday wishes you get on your wall! Haha. Just kidding. Sorta.



Other articles re: Parents on Facebook:
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  1. brb replied:

    Just so we are clear….for the most part….HER friends are befriending ME!….and…we of the older generation really do NOT want to know what you are doing. We just want to remember what we have done!….and speaking of transparency in the social media world…perhaps YOU do not want to see what I am up to either!
    “Likely her mother”
    ( the hospital insisted I bring her home)

  2. Sandy Diaz replied:

    I heart Barb!

  3. brb replied:

    I heart Sandy and Shea!

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