Friday Follower: twetiquette

I wanted to highlight a new follower on Twitter and today’s is @twetiquettetwetiquette


With 1,529 followers, following 2,121 and only 181 updates, it seems Twitter etiquette is a valuable resource. I enjoy ready the updates because it’s advice not only I personally can appreciate (and take), but it’s also advice we can pass onto our clients… They also use the “character” model on Twitter creatively with “Tweety”…

Most recently they’ve tweeted:

Following someone, then unfollowing them immediately after they start following you is an unsavoury way to build followers.
Twitter Golden Rule: Tweet unto others as you would have them tweet unto you.

That said, I think twetiquette deserves a round of applause. Twetiquette uses Twitter not for a return or gain and not for attention, it’s purely to share information and advice on the do’s and dont’s of using this service and how to make the most of your online presence. I appreciate “Twetiquette” because we are all trying to advise our own clients on how to use and not abuse this online network. Twetiquette, thanks for being… you…

Mind Your Twitter Manners with Twetiquette


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