Part 1: Relationship Statuses on Facebook: The Pros

I was first granted access to Facebook my freshman year of college (remember those days where you had to petition to get your college access on Facebook?). Facebook distracted me from HOURS of studying in a single day. At first, you had to build your community – which was mostly friends from high school, new friends and your roommate. Then, as time would pass and more schools had access, you would start searching for those long lost friends from elementary school… Suddenly you found yourself at 1 am talking to your kindergarten juice box buddy.


And as your network grows, so do the “randoms” you befriend.  Just like those saved numbers in your cell phone like: “Guy with brown hair from bar” or “Weirdo don’t answer” – Facebook took those first-time meets to the next degree. Now “Guy with brown hair” has a name, a favorite book, hobbies, pictures with friends and ex-girlfriends, a hometown and high school and places of previous employment. Even worse… you can virally POKE him if you are interested. Stalking is “the norm” if you’re going to pursue.

But, how powerful is the “relationship status”? That FIRST thing you checked?

I’ve had girlfriends who are “in a relationship” with their girl best friend because they have “Interested in Men” on the profile. Or these days you can hear about a friend’s engagement via Facebook before they even have a chance to call you. What about that guy that hit on you last night? Oops, he’s “Married” according to Facebook… Yikes.

So you’ve started dating someone and the inevitable question comes up… No – not “Do you want to meet my parents?” – and it’s not saying “I love you” for the first time… it’s MUCH bigger.

Should you declare your relationship on Facebook???


Are they ready?  What is too soon? What’s the point?


Well, like meeting the parents, it can be nerve-racking. You’re announcing your relationship like you announce an engagement except you know exactly what your circulation is: 800+ and it’s smack there in the newsfeed. You’ve taken the FACEBOOK MEGAPHONE and you’ve announced, “HEY! I’M IN LOVE AND I WANT THE WORLD TO KNOW!”


This is a good feeling you’re experiencing. You’ve added an additional BASE to the traditional bases… (Rated-G of course)

1st Base: Ask the girl out

2nd Base: First Kiss

3rdBase: Declare it on Facebook

Homerun: Meet the parents!


Another pro to declaring your relationship on Facebook is you have the reassurance that any tramps who might meet your boyfriend at a bar will Facebook him and see that he’s not available. Same for guys that you can be sure her ex-boyfriend won’t come around anymore now that she’s “officially” dating someone.  Congratulations on declaring your relationship via Facebook. Now you’re ready to meet mom and dad. And these days, they are probably on Facebook too, so send his parents some nice applications, like “relative” or “zombie” and continue in your bliss of love…


Just don’t break up.


To be continued in Part 2: The Cons


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