BusinessWeek: Layoffs, Baby Boomers and a Battle Royale

Today I had a short back-and-forth between a certain “jimh” in the comment section of Joesph Weber’s BusinessWeek article, “Employers Avoid Axing Oldies but Goodies”. I may have seemed a bit insensitive to the 55+ group in regards to their 401(k) situations but – business is business. I think I made a good point that companies in an economy, like the one we face, should be concerned with what is BEST for the company and not taking things like “seniority” into account. I referenced that the younger generations can think outside the box, are tech savvy and social media literate… not something I can say for some of the 55+ I know… That said, seniority out of the picture, we are a better “bang for your buck”.

“jimh” debated that big ideas are “crap” without being able to implement them and that our generation can’t do math without a calculator… ouch…

Well first of all, thank GOD we can’t do math without a calculator, because one of our biggest clients is Texas Instruments and the calculator business is a lucrative one… Secondly, an abacus is WAYYYY too confusing.

Also, one ISSUE in management is that some of the big ideas young adults like myself have are impossible to implement because we need to pitch and sell the 55+ the idea… I agree but it’s only the unwillingness for change and the sometimes impossible ability to reach upper management that hinders our generation to implement our ideas! 

Anyways, the author, Joseph Weber, comments:
This is a fascinating debate. Forget the culture wars of the Bush era. It seems the age of Obama — and the tensions of bad times — may give us a battle of the ages. Lot of resentment among younger folks about a boomer sense of entitlement. A lot of resentment among boomers about the tech savvy of younger folks. Disturbing but maybe healthy debate.

Enjoy and join in if you’re interested! Thanks!
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  1. Chantelle replied:

    Interesting debate, Meg. Personally, I think you’re both right and the bigger Q is how do we work together – all ages, backgrounds, experiences – for the greater good?

    As I’ve become older (ahem :), I’ve definitely learned that experience is an extremely valuable lesson and comes at a cost: ie – patience. Which, admittedly, I suck at but there’s no way I would be able to handle certain situations now, without having had the guidance from my peers and mentors when I started out.

    Saying that, you’re totally right that it’s a 2-way street and it’s also being humble enough to learn from each other. That includes folks who may be a little bit older, and a little bit more experienced, listening to some of those crazy ideas we have, too.

    I guess what I’m trying to get at is shouldn’t the end goal be about teaching each other? Not just one being right over the other?

  2. meghanbeattie replied:

    Chantelle. Great point. I agree I wouldn’t know anything without mentors. It really should be a relationship of learning from each other. I have much to learn as do the 55+. The argument lies here… Why say one generation over the other? That’s why I was “shocked”. We should be talking about who brings the most to the table…

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