The Inauguration Via Facebook and Twitter Status Updates

What a day! Obama was inaugurated. It was a moment in history and I thank the heavens I was alive for it… The office was buzzing with Obama fever. But what were the benefits of watching this moment from your personal computer versus the larger office gathering in the conference room? Good question. And the answer is social media.

CNN partnered with Facebook to offer a unique viewing experience. While showing a live video feed on the left side of your window, you could also view your friends’ status updates on the right. As your friends would update their status, the screen was refreshed without hindering the live feed (for the most part). I had so much fun sharing my excitement for the overall experience of the inauguration.

Twitter also had lots of buzz. Using #inaug09, Tweeters could gather to discuss everything from their happiness, their disbelief and even laughing about the HATS that some of the women were sporting. Again, lots of fun sharing with friends and thought-leaders alike.

My preference? Well I’ve always been one to preach about how Facebook status updates differ greatly from Tweets. Facebook is all about the here and now. “Meghan is…” prefaces the update… so you write: “Meghan is… updating Facebook” or something about those day-to-day activities. Twitter on the other hand is about a shared community under central themes. I’ve chosen to “Follow” these people for certain reasons… They are in PR, they love social media or they love new technology. Those are the tweets I typically stick to. So, these followers aren’t interested if I’m updating Facebook… They want to know something about PR, social media or new technology… Simple as that.

Therefore, in terms of preference, I appreciated having the video AND status updates via Facebook and the CNN team, but I would have preferred a Twitter/CNN mash-up. A lot of Facebook friends were confused what I was doing and on Twitter it would not have been questioned.

What do you think of the difference between Twitter and Facebook status updates?


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